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tv   Starting Point  CNN  June 7, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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strike kills women and children. we'll take you live to kabul this morning. loose lips, naming names. the fbi is investigating leaks about national crucial security leaks. we'll talk to john casey and john cornin about what could be done about it. teaming up against the league today, one massive lawsuit, accusing the nfl of hiding the risks of head injuries. we'll talk to the widow of a former star who took his own life. i'll talk to the second lady of the united states, jill biden, about her husband's possible 2016 run, his famous gaffes and her new book as cnn starts right now. our "starting point" this
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morning is break nugs. defense secretary leon panetta arrives in afghanistan unannounced. brand new video of the defense secretary's arrival. he stopped in afghanistan for a real-timeup date from nato top commanders on how prepared allied troops and afghan security forces are to confront the taliban as they gear up for the summer fighting season. just yesterday, a twin suicide bombing in a market near kandahar killed 22 people. 50 other people were injured. nato is under scrutiny after an air strike killed 18 people. that number includes women and children, who were believed to be civilians. the u.s. is also saying that one of its armed helicopters was shot down by enemy fire and killed two crew members on board. let's get right to cnn's mohammed jamjoom in kabul for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. surprise visit by secretary of defense leon panetta was his fourth to afghanistan. he met with u.s. troops and u.s. officials. he acknowledged the uptick in
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violence the past few days and the concern about it, and that there needs to be an assessment in what all this means because of the coordination level in the attacks that have gone on. he also mentioned that pressure needs to be put on pakistan, neighboring pakistan because of the al qaeda-linked terrorist network that has been accused in the past of conducting cross-border raids, coming into afghanistan and targeting u.s. troops. here is more on what the secretary had to say. >> we are reaching the limits of our patience here. and for that reason, it is extremely important that pakistan take action to prevent this kind of safe haven from taking place and from allowing terrorists to use their country as a safety net in order to conduct their attacks on our forces. >> soledad, those remarks came
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in a joint press conference the defense secretary had with the minister of defense here a few hours ago. he was meeting with him in order to discuss joint areas of cooperation and especially the security transfer. all this coming at a very critical time here in afghanistan as more and more provinces and regions of this country are handed over to afghan security forces so they can start taking the lead on the responsibility of security in this country. in light of these attacks the past couple of days -- yesterday was the deadliest day for afghanistans all year. there's concern about the readiness of the afghan forces to take over security of this country. soledad? >> thank you, mohammed. christine has a look at the top stories. >> the president waking up out west this morning with another fund-raising breakfast planned in l.a. before he heads to las vegas. a pilot is being questioned after he flew a small plane into the president's air space last night. norad says an f-16 fighter jet
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intercepted that plane and followed it until it landed at an airfield in camari will llo, california. a vacuum cleaner may be responsible for the fire on board a submarine that caused $400 million in damage. u.s.s. miami's nuclear plant was not operating when a forward compartment caught fire two weeks ago. investigators believe the fire was started in a vacuum that's used to clean work sites on that sub. chilling 911 call recalling the injuries suffered by bryan stow in a vicious beating in dodgers stadium on opening day last year. prosecutors played the tape at a preliminary hearing for two men charged with attacking the bay area paramedic. >> is this dispatch? >> yes. >> i'm off-duty paramedic. my partner here, who is also a paramedic, was punched from the side. didn't see it coming.
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unconscious. bleeding out of his left ear. no response to stimuli. we need an ambulance right now. >> the beating left bryan stow with permanent brain damage. a teen is convicted with homicide for texting and driving. aaron devo will spend one year in prison and will have his license suspended for 15. he denied he was texting before the crash. he said he was tired and got distracted. nasdaq says willt will pay back $40 million to trading firms for losses caused by the trading glitches that delayed the opening of facebook's ipo. exchange owes the industry an apology. they'll be given about $14 million am cash with the rest coming from trading fees. the nasdaq plan must still be
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approved by the s.e.c. the new york stock exchange, competitor, soledad, says hold on. that's not fair. you can't go in and be giving lower -- they don't like it either. this story is not over. >> no. no, it's not. the fbi is now investigating whether the white house leaked classified information to try to score some political points. it's a claim that has the white house firing back. here is press secretary jay carney saying this. any suggestion that this administration has authorized intentional leaks of classified information for political fwan is fwroesly irresponsible. and then shortly after that, senator john mccain said this. listen. >> well, i would expect nothing else from the white house. but the fact is that portrayal of the president in these stories is obviously nothing short of heroic. i don't think there's any doubt, according to mr. sanger, that dozens of administration officials who were involved in this. >> democratic senator bob casey
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of pennsylvania is with us this morning. he is the member of the foreign relations committee and chairman of the economic committee. appreciate you talking to me. you heard senator mccain saying he thinks the administration leaking is very likely. what do you think? >> well, that's a very serious charge that's been made against the administration. i think that the proposal that senator carl levin has made, chairman of the armed services committee, to have a hearing in closed fashion makes the most sense. any time you make a charge like that, it's very serious. we have to make sure that we're resolving this in the right way. >> the fbi is investigating and if, in fact, they can figure out where the leaks are coming from, do you see potentially charges coming out of that? >> it's hard to say. i'm not going to speculate. but this charge is made in every administration. sometimes it's accurate. sometimes it should lead to
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accountability and sanctions, but we're -- i think we're at the very early stages of this. i don't want to prejudge it. >> when you look at a book like "killer capture," we had the author on the other day. and he describes very personal accounts of experiences, from attorney general eric holder, the state department legal adviser, harold coe, secretary of state hillary clinton. do you think that that's what should be investigated, go through and sort of figure out who these reporters are talking to and see if those leaks are coming from those specific individuals and their offices? >> well, certainly when someone writes a book and has information in it about national security or even potential breach of national security, that becomes the body of evidence. a book is like any other statement. it's an assertion, an assertion of fact, we hope. that assertion has to be tested and closely examined. so, this is going to be, as any
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situation like this is, an adversarial process to arrive at the truth. you'll have charges and counter charges. i think it's pretty early to make determinations based upon any book or even a series of books. i think we need to be thoughtful about making determinations at this point. >> what do you think the impact has been? if you look at the leaks overall, yemen bomb plot was a big leak, details on that new underwear bomb, the administration's kill list, which detailed the targeting of terrorists, detailed account of cyber attacks on iran's nuclear program. that's sort of the short list. here is what your colleague, senator feinstein, had to say. listen. >> i think what we're seeing, wolf, is an avalanche of leaks. and it's very, very disturbing. you know, it's dismayed our allies. it puts american lives in jeopardy. it puts our nation's security in
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jeopardy. and if you look at terrorism, intelligence is fundamental to knowing what's going to happen and prevent it from happening in the first place. >> what do you think the literal specific impact of those leaks has been or could be? >> well, soledad, it's difficult to quantify that. but every administration that has had leaks has tried to plug them and stop them and to mitigate the adverse impact. we don't know the extent of this yet, but it should be closely examined. it shouldn't be part of the in washington. it needs to be fair and balanced so we can arrive at the truth. we can all have interesting debates in washington but have to take this seriously and not just prejudge it. i'll say this. if someone working for me leaked information like this, i would make sure they were sanctioned severely. >> let me ask you a question,
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turning to wisconsin and the fallout for wisconsin. what do you think is the message to democrats from the governor's ability to keep his seat in the recall election? >> well, i guess i would leave it to the pundits to do most of the analysis. i think a lot of it, frankly, is wrong. in the end by election day this year, the main issue will still be jobs and the economy. that's why congress needs to get the transportation bill out of the house, get the farm bill done, get some tax strategies in place to create job. >> right, but everyone looks at these elections and says, wow! there was a high turnout. the mayor said if there's a high turnout, i think i can win this thing. there was a higher turnout. he did not win. we're all analysts at some point at the end of the day, i think. what do you think is the takeaway message from this recall election? >> i really don't think there's one. what i hope people don't conclude is that somehow if you take away collective bargaining rights that that's somehow good
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for workers and the economy. that's one of the last things we need right now, is to undermine workers at a time when the economy is in tough shape for so many families. i think some of the analysis has been a little bit hyped. by election day in pennsylvania, at least, and across the country, the number one issue, the number one concern is jobs. that's why they want us to come together in bipartisan ways to create jobs or at least create the conditions for job creation. >> you have a hearing with the fed chair, ben bernanke. it will be the first time since that dismaljobs report. what do you want to hear from him? >> just an assessment of where we are and some of the steps we could take to move the economy forward. i mentioned a few with regard to attack strategy, transportation bill and issues like that. but i think he provides a good assessment of where we are. we'll see what he says on some of the monetary policy questions, but i hope members of congress don't just have kind of a lecture series on monetary
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policy. we need to do our job, come together as democrats and republicans, move forward an agenda that will result in job creation. that really right now is all that matter sfwls b. >> senator bob casey, democrat from pennsylvania this morning, thank you for joining us. >> you bet. 2,000 retired nfl players and their families joining forces to sue the nfl today, accusing the league of deception and denial when it comes to brain injuries. we'll talk this morning to the whipp widow of a former star who ended up taking his own life. a romantic hot air balloon ride with a proposal involved ends up with everybody in the hospital. we'll tell you what happened. also actress, singer, model mandy moore is on a mission to help every young girl find their inner celebrity. ♪
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welcome back to "starting point," everybody. a massive new class action suit against the nfl claims that the league knew that hits caused long-term brain injury. it combines more than 80 lawsuits from more than 2,000 former players and their families, including mary ann east sterling, who is the widow. what would you like to see come out of this lawsuit? >> good morning. i would like to see the nfl provide testing for players that are showing symptoms of dementia, alzheimer's and als. the early symptoms that ray displayed were insomnia and
4:18 am
depression. i had no idea it was due to the brain trauma that he had suffered during football. didn't really know about it until 2010. and it was hard to go through for 20 years. he suffered greatly. and i don't want to see other players suffer. i want to see the ability to diagnose it early and to be able to treat them. >> is your big issue that the nfl isn't doing enough to help the players after they get out of the game or is it they're not doing enough while the players are actually playing, or both? >> both. i think the -- what can be done in the game can help the players to realize that they don't have to tough it out. they don't have to soldier on and pretend that nothing is
4:19 am
wrong to even their family nothing is wrong. but i would also like to see the retired players get this treatment that is sorely needed. i would like to see the study that's being done now in boston be funded even better so that they can diagnose ct in living players. >> your husband retire friday football in 1979. you say it had been something that he really had a terrible struggle for 20 years. >> yes. >> what made you think, finally, that this was something that was caused by his job, football? >> i was online at a certain point and saw something pop up about a former nfl player committing suicide and that he had had an autopsy showing that
4:20 am
he had cte. the case studies that you can see online from boston university will -- it lined up with everything that ray was experiencing. and a light went on. sure enough, when he was given tests, given the pet scan, the mris, it showed brain damage. and it showed the cause for his symptoms, which were severe by that point. >> he ended up taking his own life. and i have to imagine for you that some of your work in this lawsuit is to -- i hate the word closure, but i can't think of another one, to kind of understand what brought him to that terrible point. >> i would like to see families not suffer and not be clueless about what is going on with the
4:21 am
husband and their family, and the dad. it's very important for them to be able to see an end -- have hope and realize that there's going to be help in this situation. that's what i want more than anything else. >> mary ann easterling joining us this morning, part of that lawsuit against the nfl. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. have a good day. >> likewise. she said yes, but the hot air balloon proposal didn't really go all that well. it's of the story in our "get real." and our panel is joining us. we start with margol's -- margaret's music. >> shiny happy people. >> there you go. our cloud is made of bedrock.
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let's just take a minute to listen to that. i do love prince. it's a good way to start the morning. birthday today. how old is prince? >> early 50s. i'm not sure how old he s he needs to do a rock tour. hard core. people don't even realize, he has become such a better guitarist in the past 15 years of his career. >> i saw him when he was at the garden. starting team -- i'm struggling this morning. it's thursday.
4:26 am
starting point team is what i was trying to say, john fugelsang, margaret hoover, author of american individualism and will cain is a columnist at the our "get real" kind of a shocker. ha, ha, ha. you'll understand why i'm laughing. thank you, will. little late. >> i just got it. >> you did? they're never going to forget this engagedmement. it was supposed to be romantic. it sounded romantic. in a hot air balloon, the young man got the courage to ask the young lady. she said yes. that's when it all went bad. as soon as the air balloon landed, the grass was too tall. they had to go back up in the air and hit a power line. that shocked the pilot, knocked him out, unconscious. he fell on top of the young lady, who had said yes, the now newly engaged young woman. gave her a jolt, too. the future groom had to perform
4:27 am
cpr on the pilot, who was conscious. thank goodness. the bride-to-be and the pilot had to be hauled off to the emergency room to be treated for burns. >> he saved a guy's life with cpr. they all made it out. what's the failed part? it's like the most awesome proposal ever. >> not starting off on a great foot. you say yes and it goes to pieces. >> if the pilot didn't make it, you're starting off on a bad foot. this guy is the avenger. >> marry him. >> if you can get through that four minutes into your proposal, you can do anything in your marriage. it's all going to be good from that point on. >> like a scene out of a movie. >> could be. could be. stead still ahead on "starting point" this morning, an uncomfortable moment for president obama caught on tape. the president mentions first lady, michelle obama, in a speech. the audience, though, completely misinterprets the joke he's making. we'll show what happened straight ahead. also one on one with jill biden, the second lady of the
4:28 am
united states. she weighs in on her husband's reputations for gaffes, including what she thought of the "snl" skit that was hilarious and made fun of him. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru.
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4:32 am
a computer hard drive and other material were removed from that home. pedro hernandez told police he strangled 6-year-old patz and disposed of the body in the trash. hernandez's wife speaking out for the first time. she says she doubts his confession because her husband has, quote, suffered from delusions for years, she says. the jury is now seated in the jerry sandusky case. that trial expected to begin monday. the jury made up of seven women, five men and four alternates. they'll decide whether the former penn state assistant football coach is guilty of abusing ten boys over 14 years. and the makeup of the jury shows that the school motto rings true. we are penn state. half of the 16 jurors and alternates have ties to penn state, including one retired professor and one current professor, three graduates, two employees and one current student. brand new evidence this morning that ct scans could
4:33 am
increase cancer risk in children. a new study claims the radiation from those scans could triple the risk of leukemia and brain cancer in kids under 15 years old. still, researchers stress these ct scans can save lives, but they warn these tests should only be performed when absolutely necessary and with the lowest possible dose of radiation. a new study of california mothers links autism with a lack of folic acid during the first month of pregnancy. according to this study, women whose children have autism recalled getting less folic acid through food and nutritional supplements during early months of their pregnancy than mothers whose children didn't develop the disorder. it was tied to a 38% lower chance to having a child witha autism or aspberger's. >> aren't there all kinds of flaws with these self reported,
4:34 am
do you remember taking folic acid? how much broccoli did you really have? i think that -- >> autism, in particular, there's so many different studies trying to find what is the one or very many different factors that come together at that moment to trigger that. >> my nephew is autistic. i remember my sister, like all of us, who knew foalic acid was important, scarfing down folic acid. >> all the time. >> we just want a reason so we can talk about treatment and prevention. >> and understand those shocking numbers. christine, thank you. campaign season under way. for second lady jill biden, it's the 13th time that she is hitting the trail as her husband, vice president joe biden, seeks his re-election bid with president obama. i had a chance to sit down with her to discuss politics, including maybe a biden run for president in 2016. and also all of those infamous and kind of hysterical gaffes
4:35 am
that he makes. listen. let's talk about what's going on, on the campaign trail. i want to start with wisconsin. big victory for governor walker. many people look at wisconsin and say that is a metaphor for what could happen in the nation come november, which would be very bad news if, that's true, for the democrats. >> we were disappointed by the outcome. look what this administration has done. i think that's what sometimes gets lost. we have increased jobs. i'm an educator. barack and this administration has done incredible things for higher ed. i'm a higher ed teacher. increasing pell grants and making education affordable for more americans. and health care. certainly giving health care for all americans. i think we have to focus on what we've done and where every single day -- i mean, jobs are now the big thing and the economy. that's what we're focused on every single day. i know that joe and barack are
4:36 am
just -- that's what they're working on. >> and the nation, too, focused on that as well. >> yes. >> your husband has a reputation for making gaffes, big gaffes. i want to play a little chunk of "snl" which parodied him. >> does that have do do with the whole gay marriage thing? >> doy. that's not fair i was the first one who said it should be legal but now you're getting all the credit. >> reporter: that's not true. >> oh, yeah? oh, really? then why are you all dressed up? >> i'm going to a gala with lady gaga and elton john. >> oh, see? that should be me, vice presidents never get to go anywhe anywhere. >> i hadn't seen that. >> you haven't seen that before? >> no, i hadn't seen that. >> it's very funny. parody is often rooted in some kind of truth. >> sure. >> a lot of people wrote about the sense that the obama administration was mad that your us sort of got in front of an
4:37 am
issue. >> you know what? joe and barack are on the same page on this and they were on the same page. it's just as simple as that. as far as the s -- "saturday night live" you've got to be able to laugh at some of the things in politics. >> does he do that at home? >> oh, yes, of course. you know. you have to have a sense of humor to survive it. >> i'm sure you do. you have said that you wouldn't rule out your husband running in 2016. >> well, look, i think joe would be a great president. i supported him twice in 1987. i was out there campaigning. the last election i was out there campaigning. of course, barack must have thought he would be a good president, too, or he wouldn't have chosen him as vice president. >> there is a poll out that talks about political polarization is at its highest level in 25 years. anecdotally, i feel that.
4:38 am
do you feel that people are just angrier and everybody is in their own corner, own side of political lines today? >> i think the parties are really disparate and probably the republican party has gone way far right than it has gone before. so, it certainly is not the republican party i grew up with. >> do you think it's -- that polarization, though, plays back into what potentially could happen in november? do you think that that -- does that worry you? >> i think voters will have a clear choice. i mean, i think that mitt and barack are on totally different paths. and, you know, you've got clear choices. that's what i think. of course, i think our choice is the best and what barack and joe have done for americans. and i think that's -- you know, that's the path i hope that americans choose. >> biden 2016. what do you think? >> oh, please, please, please. >> new material, john.
4:39 am
john is begging for it. >> so is will. he's like, yeah, we love it. >> you asked the second lady, something about joe biden, what is he like at home as opposed to what we see? most politicians, the answer would be very different. who they are and what we see is very different. i would wager that joe biden is a little closer to the same guy you see. >> sort of. >> we probably get a somewhat deluded version. >> being vice president was the most inconsequential job in the country because none of your decisions matter, it's all about the president. but when you're second lady, you actually have an opportunity to be a cheerleader for america, the heavy decisions aren't on you. you don't actually have the weight of being first lady and you get to do -- she's written this book about military families. >> we're going to talk about that. >> it seems she's really enjoying her role. and i think lynn cheney did the same thing before her. >> i think you'll see anthony
4:40 am
wew wiener running for -- >> reporter: winning or running? >> running before joe biden. >> you'll assume that scott brown will be beat? >> so many assumptions. >> as you mentioned, margaret, she has written a new book, children's book. i was actually reading it to my kids last night. it's called "don't forget, god bless our troops." it's really cute. we'll play more of our interview with jill biden straight ahead. jeb bush regretting he did not run for the presidency this year and his strong stance on whether he will take the vp slot. and mandy moore's new effort to boost girls self esteem. you inspired a ron howard production.
4:41 am
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former florida governor jeb bush pouring a cold bucket of water that he may be mitt romney's vp. it's not gonna happen. >> i'm not going to do it.
4:44 am
i'm not going to be asked. it's not going to happen. that doesn't mean i don't have a voice or enthusiastically support mitt romney. i'm doing that. i'm not going to be a candidate with him. >> that doesn't mean he's not interested in a white house run eventually, but he says he might have missed his shot. take a look. >> i've not made that decision. although, i think there's a window of opportunity in life for all sorts of reasons and this was probably my time. although i don't know, given kind of what i believe and how i believe it, i'm not sure i would have been successful as a candidate. >> why does he say that? >> i think nobody understands better than jeb bush the weight of his last name and how that sits with the populous and having a third bush, i think, come into the national debate -- i think he knows he can bring a lot of original things to the debate to the republican party but i think he's very cognizant of his role.
4:45 am
>> i think he's very sincere. if he would have wanted to be a v.p., he would have done more than op-ed. he didn't show up to campaign with him. he didn't invest anything. i also wondered why doesn't he have a southern accent like his brother? they're both in the same part of new england. i think if jeb bush had been elect elected, he would have been the next president right now. >> education reform, jeb bush for most conservatives has it just about right. if his name were jeb carpenter, he would be much more -- >> that's what i was asking. >> i don't know if that's what he was talking about, to be perfectly honest with you. i don't know if he is talking about his views fitting into the day and age of the tea party. >> product brand name awareness is the reason he has a problem right now. >> interesting. who becomes v.p.? >> good question. >> we were talking about this. >> you want to take down the list? marco rubio, chris christi.
4:46 am
>> it's not going to be chris christy. >> tim pawlenty, a long list of possibilities. >> nikki haley maybe. >> i don't think it will be marco rubio. >> he adamantly says it's not going to happen. >> i wouldn't say adamantly. is he more of a -- >> i don't know. >> i ooh wouldn't put mon eye n that. >> it's a safe bet. >> no safe bets. it's a fool's game. >> wise old man at the end of the table there. >> michele bachmann, bring her back. come on. h herman cain. >> just be weird about it, mitt. get someone fun for us. she's an actress, singer and fashion designer. we'll talk to mandy moore as she sits down with us and what she
4:47 am
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. dove is known for inspiring young women. here is a look at one. hip hop musician tony blackman. >> raise your head up, hold it up high whether you were sad or even when you cry you got to give it a try. you got to take a risk. that's what you will do or life you will miss. >> the movement for self esteem and this saturday mandy moore
4:51 am
will be at the rock the mall event. do you think it is a crisis? crisis is an overused word. do you think there is a crisis about young girls and women about how they feel about themselves. i have two daughters in that range and i worry about them. >> i think the anxiety about the definition of beauty and what beauty is and what it means to us starts at a young age. i think it can hold you back. i'm proud to be a part of this campaign that is really highlighting the importance of role models and real women role models. >> this ad is taking people and highlighting what they have accomplished versus what they look like. they look like great looking regular people. is that a tough message to give to a preteen or a girl who is bombarded with images of photo shop sometimes and people we
4:52 am
hold up? >> i think it is an important conversation to be having. i'm proud to be a part of starting this dialogue or continuing this dialogue. i think it is important for girls to have tangible role models. if somebody were to consider me a role model because of my job it is something i don't take lightly or don't take for granted. i have a lot of respect for being in this position. i think it is more tangible for girls to have women who are in their day to day lives be it a coach or their mothers. >> who was your role model? >> definitely my mom. >> why? >> she sacrificed so much for me. both of my parents did for me to be able to follow my dreams and recognition this passion i had for music and acting. but also like for the simple things like growing up i'm 5'10" and went through the growth spurt early in life.
4:53 am
my mom is 5'2". i remember feeling anxious and uncomfortable and awkward. she reminded me to stand tall and be proud of my height and she was invee s of it. >> we would love to be 5: 15'10. >> i think there is a fine line between what beauty is and hotness and sexiness? >> modern beauty magazines can have a negative effect? >> absolutely i think they do. >> does it make you think this role model position you have taken as a spokesperson make you think twice about what you do in the public sphere. many celebrity role models may not have made good choices. does it make you think twice? >> i started i guess in this
4:54 am
industry when i was 14. i'm 28 now. i feel like i have been doing it for a while now. i have always been lucky enough to sort of have been regarded as a role model. it is something that i don't take lightly. it doesn't necessarily influence the decisions i make. i guess i'm lucky that the choices i have made -- what you see is what you get. i don't feel like i'm one person hort of offcamera and another person in my professional life. the choices i have made are a reflection of who i am and it works out that way. >> talk about some of the projects you working on. "tangled" was great for small children. i hear you may do a sequel of that? >> potentially. that was one of the greatest working experiences i have had thus far. the film is great. i wonder when it is animated
4:55 am
sometimes you are not acting. >> there is no correspondence. it was fantastic. i don't like anyone. i'm not social. it was fun in the sense that you are able to be a kid and go into the depths of your imagination. there is no point of reference. they animate to your performance so you are in the sound box by yourself but you get to be a kid and be goofy and make funny choices and noises. >> and she's a girl -- >> you have a new movie coming out. >> "tron" is an animated series on the disney channel. i'm working with my husband who is also a musician on making a record. i was a daisy, a brownie and then a girl scout. i earned badges. message for the girl scouts --
4:56 am
>> you'll be talking them them on saturday about embracing their bodies. what is your message for them? >> i don't know what my message is specifically to them. i just want to be there to congratulate them on their centennial. it will be a huge sing along. there's going to be sing alongs and sort of telling girls to continue to be confident and secure and about friendship. >> i love those girl scout events. >> i'm excited. i can't wait. >> i was never a girl scout. amazing. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. accusations that the miss usa pageant was rigged. a former contestant says the top five positions were decided before they even started. what the reining usa has to say about it. networking site linked in
4:57 am
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our starting point this morning we are not going to take it. defense secretary arrives unannounced in afghanistan. the fbi investigating the white house over leaks about crucial national security operations from bin laden to a terror hit list to a cyber war against iran. miss usa live in our green room this morning as an ugly fight erupts over whether the pageant was rigged. ♪ she said don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself ♪ this is off of christine's
5:01 am
play list. we all have your bag. are you feeling vulnerable today? >> this is an 80s song that does not sound like the 80s. >> people tweet me and say why do you wear green socks? i wear cowboy boots with green tops. >> they do this in austin, texas. >> i like them. >> it doesn't matter. let's just move on. our starting point team is back. he is a political comedian. >> i'm wearing green heels today. >> it is nice to have you. margaret hoover is the author of "american individualism." our starting point this morning
5:02 am
is breaking news about defense secretary arriving in afghanistan for a real time update to find out how prepared the allied troops and afghanistan security forces are to confront the taliban in the summer fighting season. just yesterday a suicide bombing killed 22 people and injured 50 others. the u.s. is also saying one of the armed helicopters were shot down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this surprise visit by secretary pan eta today.
5:03 am
he did acknowledge the most recent attacks with the deadliest day for civilians in afghanistan has caused a great deal of concern. secretary panetta met with afghan counter parts and issued a stern warning to pakistan and said they need to do more to route out the al qaeda link network. it has been accused of conducting cross border raids. here is more of what secretary panetta had to say. >> we are reaching the limits of our patience here. for that reason it is extremely important that pakistan take action to prevent this kind of safe haven from taking place and from allowing terrorists to use their country as a safety net in order to conduct their attacks on our forces.
5:04 am
>> reporter: those remarks were made in a joint press conference secretary panetta held today with his counter part minister of defense. it is a critical time here right now because of the security handover going on. more and more regions in afghanistan are being turned over to afghan security forces to take the lead on responsibility for security. in light of the attacks yesterday there is more questioning as to whether or not the afghan security forces are ready enough to take control of security in this country. secretary panetta said the overall level of violence is down in afghanistan but is concerned about what happened yesterday. >> thank you for that update. let's get right to christine. more breaking news we are following this morning. two cargo trains colliding in northeast houston.
5:05 am
pictures just in. this happened just around 5:15 local time at the rail yard. the pillars hold up the overpass. we are told that everything is under control but liberty will be shut down. the president waking up out west with another fundraising breakfast planned in l.a. and a pilot is being questioned after he flew a small plane into the president's air space. an f 16 fighter jet intercepted the plan and followed it. president obama was at the beverly hilton for a fundraiser. the navy says a vacuum cleaner may be responsible for a fire on board a nuclear submarine that caused $400 million in damage.
5:06 am
the us s miami was not operating when it caught fire. investigators believe the fire started in a vacuum used to clean work sites on the sub. california prosecutors are releasing a 911 call in the beating of a san francisco fan last year. listen. the 43-year-old stow suffered serious head trauma. the hearing will determine if there is enough evidence for the suspects to stand trial on felony charges. markets look like they will open higher this morning.
5:07 am
stocks had the biggest rally of the year yesterday. with the do nothing congress investors are hoping central banks will step in. that is giving markets world wide a boost today. if you belong to the popular networking website linked in or have tried to get a date on e harmony you might want to change your password right now. more than 8 million pass words were posted. linked in isn't saying how the pass words were stolen but says it is investigating the security breach. the dating site has reset the compromise pass words and sending users an e-mail on what to do next. both of these caches of accounts are very rich for people who are trying to steal identities. >> what a mess. it is amazing how often you get a letter. i have got ant least three or four of those.
5:08 am
>> hundreds of thousands of people whose password is 123456. >> should i change it? >> why are you giving my password on the air? >> 6 million linked in users had them stolen and only 25 remember what their passwords are. the fbi is now trying to determine if the white house is leaking classified national security information for political gain. the leaks include details on a yemen bomb plot designed to blow up a u.s. bound plane and a new underwear bomb. reports about the terrorist kill list and account on cyber attacks. senator mccain wants a special council to investigate. >> i would expect nothing else from the white house but the fact is that betrayal of the
5:09 am
president nothing short of heroic. i don't think there is any doubt according to mr. sanger that dozens of administration officials who were involved in this. >> he is talking about david sanger's new book. the white house says it is grossly irresponsible to even suggest that the administration would leak classified information for political gain. and leaders of the house and senate intelligence committee warns the leaks threaten to do damage to our national security. republican senator of texas is a member of the armed services committee. thank you for talking with us. we know the fbi has launched an investigation into the leaks and senator john mccain was telling cnn that he wants president obama to appoint a special council to do its own investigation. do you think a special council
5:10 am
needs to be appointed in. >> special council was created so that there should be a measure of independence in investigations like this where the natural tendency of the administration when it is the subject of the investigation the natural tendency is to circle the wagons. i don't believe that attorney general holder or his deputy are going to be able to do a truly independent investigation. this is not a partisan issue. as you know the chair of the intelligence committee said this is the worst leaking she has seen in her time here in congress. this is threatening not only the methods beutthe sources and the cooperation of our allies when it comes to two sensitive areas of national skuecurity this is very serious stuff.
5:11 am
i don't think we can just let the white house do it for itself. >> i know you had a conversation with james cole he wouldn't say whether or not they would do this investigation. take a look at what he said. >> i don't mean to dodge the question but obviously we are talking about material that if it exists would be very classified and the existence of it would be classified. it is a difficult topic to talk about without confirming or denying that such information exists. >> in a way you are saying you could make the problem worse by holding a hearing and compromise what you are trying to protect against. >> what deputy attorney general said is exactly the sort of defensive posture that we would expect when it is the administration itself which is expected to be the source of the leaks. an investigation into the leaks
5:12 am
is not classified. maybe the subject matter of that leak. right now we have seen both of those displayed on the pages of the new york times. one story on the president's kill list on al qaeda documents that david axelrod was sitting in on meetings where those kill lists were compiled. this is a serious matter. it's much bigger than party or politics. and that's why i think you are seeing such bipartisan concern into leaks. >> thank you, sir. we'll see how the investigations go. still ahead this morning a new campaign to get the boy scouts to end their ban on gays. and also miss usa joins us. we'll ask her how it feels to where the crown. do they teach you to do the
5:13 am
wave? >> they don't teach you but i can show you. >> and i want to talk about the great state of rhode island. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> this is off of her play list. she likes a little nicky minaj. born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one.
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billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ miss usa 2012 olivia culpo's play list. >> margaret asked what is your twitter handle because i want to tweet you. she said miss usa. >> duh. >> i have like three now i guess. we can do miss usa. >> you are from the great state of rhode island. i want to talk a little bit about this scandal that has
5:17 am
erupted over one contestant, miss pennsylvania claims the pageant was fixed. on facebook she said i can no longer be affiliated with an organization i believe to be fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and in many ways trashy. her allegation is the thing was rigged. someone saw the list. was it rigged? >> no. the thing is -- >> you're not just saying that because you are the winner. >> it has been confirmed that the list she saw was a rehearsal list. originally she resigned because she didn't agree with the trans gender community. and then the story changed it was rigged when she saw a rehearsal list. i don't think that sounds rigged
5:18 am
to me. >> donald trump who owns the pageant because some have said the pageant said it was the trans gendered person sent an e-mail and wasn't happy with it. donald trump said she just wasn't pretty enough. >> i don't think that she had an issue with that. i think her primary issue was she lost and angry about losing. in my opinion she didn't deserve to be in the top 15. >> she says also he is going to sue her for making false statements. does all of this drama take away from your great night? >> i guess i really don't get worked up. i'm not very dramatic. things literally just roll off my back. i know it is not rigged so i'm happy. it's not taking away anything for me. >> you are going to be devoting
5:19 am
your time to a couple of causes. >> i will be a spokesperson for breast and ovaryn cancer awareness. i would really like to get involved with music education in new york city. >> when was your first pageant? you said this cycle was your first time in the pageants? is that rare? >> it is rare. i just started my first pageant in september of this past year. >> and now you are going to miss universe. >> brazil. >> you don't have that heir of crazy woman with crazy parents behind you. do you think that you are sort of an outsider in this world gave you an edge? >> i don't know. i guess everybody else would have to decide. >> such a breath of fresh air. >> i haven't met that many.
5:20 am
>> when they announce your name and the moment happens what is that like? when you know you are the winner? >> it doesn't sink in fast. i don't feel like i won and i heard you never really do fully grasp it. i like it like that. i think i'm happy and that is all that matters. >> do you have to wear your sash and carry your crown everywhere? >> everywhere. >> really? >> no. i sleep with this on. i can't go to bed without it. >> i will sleep with my sash, holding my crown. >> no. i don't sleep with it. i take it off as soon as i'm done and there is a little case and we carry it and never leave it anywhere. >> is the crown heavy? >> it is heavy. >> is it against rules if i try it on? it is heavy. >> it's not too heavy. you look beautiful.
5:21 am
>> beautiful. >> what is your plans to use the capital this gives you for the next ten years of your life? >> i really hope maybe something in communications. i'm a people's person. >> come by whenever you like. >> it's a deal. >> something in communications definitely. i definitely want to finish my schooling and then see what happens. i'm just going to try to figure it out this year so i guess we'll see. >> are these real diamonds? >> i hope so. let's just say yes. >> it is so nice to have you. congratulations. i'm glad to see that the scandal hasn't influenced how you feel. >> like you said there is no scandal. it doesn't add up so let's just leave it at that. olivia culpo nice to have you. still ahead all you can eat
5:22 am
sushi. that's a shark eating a giant squid. miss usa to this, a giant squid being eaten. you can catch us live on your computer or mobile phone. just go to [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally.
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5:24 am
5:25 am
today is kind of 90s day.
5:26 am
green day "basket case" i like that. this is an actual real life sea monster being eaten by an eight foot shark. it is feasting off of this squid. the squid estimated to be longer than 12 feet but had been partially eaten. tim binder with the shed aquarium in chicago talked about how rare a sight like this is. >> no one has ever seen a live giant squid face to face. they live in very, very deep depths. we know sperm whales will feed on these animals. to see one face to face no one has yet to see them. >> amazing.
5:27 am
i wish there was audio to that. >> jaws attacking. they are very rarely seen. they think it was killed by a sperm whale. >> and eaten by the random sharks. >> michael bay is already buying the rights. >> still ahead this morning the king lives. elvis, the king of rock and roll is about to be resurrected. we chatted about this happening. >> who called it? >> you did. also the boy scouts, will they soon allow gay scout leaders? new development and we'll talk to the lesbian den leader who really began the fight. you are watching "starting point." of him of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd.
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and welcome back. we have a look at the day's headlines. amazing video coming from china.
5:31 am
it was posted on youtube. it happened last week. it is a toddler dangling by her head caught in the balcony railing of her parents four story building. take a look at the guy trying to save the sodler. he is in danger. he is holding on. the little girl has her head caught between the bars there. he gave the girl a boost. no word on where that child's parents are. investigators searching for clues at the new jersey home of pedro hernandez who confessed to killing etan patz in 1979. hernandez told police he strangled patz and disposed of his body in the trash. hernandez's wife says she doubts his confession because her
5:32 am
husband has suffered from delusions for years. the jury seated in the jerry sandusky trial. it is their job to decide whether the former penn state football coach. this trial expected to begin monday. the jury is made up of seven women, five men and four alternatives named. half of the 16 jurors have ties to penn state. pretty cool time lapsed video of space shuttle enterprise. one final time lifted by a crane and on to its final resting place. the space craft exhibit is expected to open to the public in july.
5:33 am
it sailed past the new world trade center. elvis lives in hologram form. the company that brought uz hologram tupac is in partnership to resurrect elvis presley. also so elvis can perform in film and tv production. the company digital domain media says it will release the first tour dates. i don't know. it's just not the same. >> how are you feeling about that? >> keep it away from the hologram peanut butter sandwiches. >> i would go. >> it is an analogy in and of itself. >> there was a nine foot elvis on a projection screen concert and that sold out radio city.
5:34 am
>> you called it first. who is next? >> i agree with dr. dre that i would like to see something cool with jimi hendrix. the boy scouts of america received a request to change their ban on gay leaders. scout leadership was presented with a petition with more than 275,000 signatures demanding that the group end the policy against homosexuals. a spokesperson says they are going to review the resolution but absolutely no change for now. the petition calls for the reinstatement of a former ohio den leader ousted last month. scouts say it is because of her
5:35 am
sexual orientation and because she was finding financial inconsistencies. she started the petition on and joins us this morning. are you feeling optimistic when you hear from the boy scouts that they are going to review the resolution but not actually do anything for the moment? >> i feel somewhat optimistic, yes. just the fact that they are publicly saying that they are going to review it whether or not it passes is unprecedented. >> they say they have to send it to committee and then executive committee at next year's national meeting. what do you do between now and then? what kinds of steps do you take? >> for sure. the petition will be up and live until the actual policy is changed. it's we are going to keep pushing so they don't forget about us. >> you want a new policy that
5:36 am
would throw out the national ban and let the local charters decide. how likely do you think in a year from now if we are having this conversation again that they went to executive committee and made the decision to change the national ban? >> i'm unsure. they continue to say that they are not going to make changes but i feel that they will probably continue to say that until the day they do make the change. they are going to have to make it, i think. almost 300,000 signatures on my petition. a lot of local community leaders and scout leaders and celebrities are joining the list. i think america gets it that we are ready for this change and i think that the boy scouts, they are making a huge stride. let's not take that away from them along with president obama they are evolving. hopefully they will get there. >> the supreme court back in 2000 upheld their ability to set
5:37 am
the rules as stated as they wanted to. so when the supreme court has reviewed it and i think the supreme court's decision said even though we disagree with what they are deciding we support their right to decide it. what gives you that hope? >> well, i think it's a whole different world than it was in 2000 right now. we have made huge strides with equality in the community. that decision was a 5-4 decision. even 12 years ago people were still undecided. but it was so close. now i think if we went there today we would come out with a win. >> you lost your position with the boy scouts. your son is seven. the policy from their 2004 policy statement is this. boy scouts of america believes that homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the obligations of the scout oath
5:38 am
and scout law to be morally straight and clean in thought, word and deed they say the reason that you were ousted from your position is that it is very clear in their policy handbook that you cannot be gay and be in the scouts. do you disagree with that? >> i know that was the policy, yes. i disagree with the fact that you can't be gay and be a scout leader or a scout. it has been proven time and time again. locally a lot of people look the other way. i have been flooded with support saying that we thought she was a great leader and we want her back. there is no evidence to back up the statements that they are saying that the gay people can't be morally straight or can't raise a family. i had a hand in raising a beautiful family. we have a lot of kids. we are very active. >> so why would you want your
5:39 am
kids to be a scout? if i read a policy that was exclusive to me that you are not allowed to be one of us i might say i absolutely positively do not want my young son to be involved in this because this goes against everything his family is. why would you want to do that? >> you are absolutely right. and i had those exact same reservations. he is seven and it is hard to tell him when all his friends are joining the scouts and doing fun things it is hard to explain to him that some people don't get it. we went to the meeting. i expressed my reservations and they said 100% you will not have problems and i never did. scouting -- the boy scouts of america is a huge cultural institution. obtaining the eagle scout rank is truly an amazing achievement. and i just think that my son should have every right to achieve that just like everybody
5:40 am
else. >> your son isn't the only boy scout to have lesbian parents or a lesbian mom raising him. there is an eagle scout in iowa i'm curious if you have been in touch who has been quite active in the gay rights fight advocating on behalf of same-sex marriage. have you been in touch with them? do you think we are at a critical turning point in the country with almost 300,000 signatures coming your way of support that we are at a tipping point on this issue? >> i think we are definitely at a tipping point. i have met zack several times. we were recently in san francisco together at the glad awards. he is an amazing young man and i think proof that gays and lesbians can raise perfectly fine children because they do. somebody brought up the point that my family is actually in the minority because they have
5:41 am
two parents in the house hold. i think that's a good point to bring up. these kids have an amazing life. they have a lot of people that love them. they have fathers that love them and grandparents. they are not missing out. and scouts kicking us out isn't going to change who we are. it is not going to change the foundation of our family but i don't want my children to grow up in a world where they are constantly having to fight for equal rights because they have two moms. i want them to have every opportunity afforded to every child in america. >> we will follow this story and see what happens in a year when they decide to take another look at it. still ahead this morning we are back to our conversation with jill biden, the second lady of the united states talks about her family's experience whz her son was deployed to iraq. you are watching "starting
5:42 am
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the second lady of the united states dr. jill biden has written a new children's book.
5:45 am
it tells the story of what it is like for kids in military families when the parent is deployed. the story was inspired by biden's own family when her son was sent to iraq in 2008. dr. jill biden is with us this morning. so nice to see you. was nathalie very much involved in the writing of this book which is about her dad's experience and the bigger family experience? >> actually she was because before writing the book i interviewed natalie and talked to her about the different experiences that she went through. and then when it came to picking the illustrate eor gave me seve choices. >> she is seven years old negotiating. >> he was perfect for the book. >> the goal was to get natalie to really help other kids figure
5:46 am
out how to navigate something. tell me a little bit about that. >> i realize that being a military family ourselves that many americans did not know a military family and didn't know the experience of a military family. i wanted to educate americans and then hopefully inspire them to commit to an act of kindness. that is why i put in the back matter so once they read the books if the moms read it or the dads and say what can i do. i want to help a military family that there are suggestions for kids and adults. >> you are an educator but have never done a children's book before. do you think that is a better way of getting the message out? >> as a teacher i thought it would be probably the best way because the adults are involved and the kids are involved. and i love the fact that it will be in classrooms and libraries. so as a teacher that meant a lot
5:47 am
to me. >> i thought it was a great read. i have a lot of kids so i read a lot of children's books. we are not a military family. what do you think was the hardest thing to explain to natalie when her father was deployed? what was the toughest thing to have to say to a child who is five? >> it was tough for her for him to be away because he is there so much. and that was the toughest part. but because of skype she could see him. i think that was reassuring to her. just the fact of having a mom or dad. they don't really know what a war zone is. they know she does have anxiety. i think probably that comes across in the book that these kids every family, military families have this sense of anxiety. our family, our son was deployed once. many military families four,
5:48 am
five, six, seven times. it's a lot of pressure on these families. >> is it a lot of pressure just to be a political family? i was talking to kennedy. you talked about what it is like to sort of grow up with the glare of the spot light on you in general. you have conversations with your kids. your daughter just got married. is it hard? >> it is hard but it's a lifestyle. our children have never known anything else because joe's been a politician since he was 29 years old. so the kids grew up with it. and i think they are becoming used to it. >> jill biden with us. coming up next on "starting point" you probably know one of the greatest baseball managers of all time. what is not so well known is his experience off the field. he grew up in a violent home. a glimpse into the icon's personal life coming up next. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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the weekly jobless numbers 377,000 unemployment claims filed for the first time since last week. fewer than expected down from the week before. this week's human factor we profile survivors who have overcome the odds. tapping into their inner strength able to find resilience that maybe they didn't know they had. today one of the most successful managers in baseball is joe torre and opens up about growing up in an abusive home. >> reporter: one of the most successful baseball managers. just as he was reaching the pinnacle of his career he began opening up about his childhood and growing up with an abusive father. >> my older sister came from the kitchen into the dining room and
5:53 am
had a knife protecting my mom. and my dad was going into the drawer in the dining room to get his revolver. and i did witness that. and i still remember vividly going to my sister and grabbing the knife and putting it on the table. >> reporter: for young torre who grew up to be an all star player baseball became a sank chctuary. today he is giving back by providing a real sanctuary for abused children. he and his wife started the safe at home foundation where kids can speak openly. torre names each site margaret's place in honor of his mother. now retired from managing teams
5:54 am
torre is still in the game overseeing operations and giving his time to end violence. >> end point is up next. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. [ male announcer ] we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food,
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5:57 am
end point. who wants to begin? >> i will go. i don't have to. he can't be contrary enough if he goes first. >> good point. you start so he can go completely against what you said.
5:58 am
>> i challenge you to go against this. i want to give a shout out to mandy moore. i think girls need good role models. i love the girl scouts of america. i was a brownie, too. that organization is a 700 million -- >> generally i think self-esteem is overrated. >> he is kidding. >> end up having an early transaction with sales. it is a $700 million business run by girls. >> i love the idea of real people for role models, people who have accomplished things and do things. >> messages girls get from fashion magazines. >> i just came to meet margaret hoover today. i will be performing in boston
5:59 am
this saturday. this is a week that is great to be in new york because my governor wants to legalize pot the same week my mayor wants to ban junk food. during the giant squid story i had a fish funeral this week. the lesson in responsibility died this week died for my two-year-old. i fed the fish every night. it was fascinating to see how she would respond. it was sad to see him fight. he did not want to put huey in the hudson so he is in a shallow grave. >> there we are america. >> we on the finale of death. a sharp term for what is coming up tomorrow. we are


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